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The perfect solution for every wall

ACCUSNAP™ is the premier solution for custom stretched fabric wall panels.  This patented system offers owners the ability to remove the panel without damaging the wall or panel itself. Accusnap adds value to the owner by offering the ability to reuse the system if the owner decides to change fabrics or needs to access the wall behind the panels. This added value eliminates wastes and reduces long term costs. Accusnap allows for significantly faster fabrication and a simple installation process when compared to typical stretched fabric wall panel systems and the lead time is greatly reduced over prefabricated panels. Accusnap is produced in 1/2", 3/4", 1", & 2" thickness and can be customized to any specified thickness as well as accommodate heavy, thick fabrics that other panel systems cannont. 


Click here to download ACCUSNAP™ SPECIFICATIONS. 

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