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  • Stretched Fabric Panel Systems

  • Stretched Fabric Ceiling Systems

  • Acoustic Panels

  • Ceiling Spans

  • Curved Surfaces

  • Railroading fabrics

  • Interior Space

  • Performing arts centers

  • Executive office space


ACCUHINGE® is a single piece tracking system for stretched fabric wall and ceiling panels. This system accommodates oversized widths of fabric and allows for long runs limited only by the length of the fabric bolt. It can accommodate all industry standard fabrics including heavy, thick and/or stiff fabrics which competing systems cannot. 

  • Unsurpassed ability to offer seamless, railroading designs, limited only by the length of the fabric bolt. 

  • Prevails when working with oversized lengths or widths of fabric.

  • Easily match intricate fabric patterns.

  • Meets the standard requirements of acousticall wall panel spcifications.

EDGE Profiles

ACCUHINGE is available with Square and Bevel Edges. 


Available in 1/2" but fully customizable to accommodate project specific thickness.  

  • Acoustical 6 lb. density Fiberglass

  • Tackable 25 lb. density Mineral Fiberboard (MICORE)

  • Impact Resistant Composite Fiberglass

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